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Skincare questions are endless and very complicated!

Every week I try to answer at least one skincare problem, one skincare ingredient or try to understand natural skincare better with the help of medicine and science! I hope this helps you make better and more informed choices in your next skincare shopping time!

Discover what a medical student has learnt about skincare this week!

Hop on the journey of studying and learning. 🙂

Read along a cup of coffee and if you like what you have read it, leave a comment and let’s chat!


Hey there! I am a medical student trying to understand skincare and the science behind it better. For a long time I was very confused and skeptic about skincare and how it works. My dry skin became even drier and more sensitive with the stress of medical school. I could not understand which products to buy or choose from. So I decided to start doing what I do the best, study!

Here you can discover the journey of my learning process. Every week I try to learn and study skincare especially clean skincare,  from a different angle. Plus add a little medicine into it!

Read along and Enjoy!

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