Clean Skin Care – 5 brands that actually work and you need them now!

By Aysenur Yashar

Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by Aysenur Yashar

Cult clean skin care serum by Vintner's Daughter

Clean skin care – it is actually important or just another cosmetic trend?

Our skin is our largest organ and whatever we put onto it, at certain point enters our systems. If we put toxins then toxins will enter into our body, if we put clean ingredients that healthy stuff will enter.

So what does clean skin care actually mean? Let’s try to bring some light to it.

First it means that all of the ingredients in your skincare are non-carcinogenic and non toxic. We are far from regulating with the law the usage of toxic and carcinogenic ingredients in the cosmetic industry.

With my very sensitive skin, the puzzling chemical words on the ingredients list makes me very skeptical!

So the responsibility of making sensible choices for our skin and overall health lies in our hands!

As a medical student I feel it my responsibility to find the most natural and clean skin care to boost your health!

If you are also a little skeptical about the promises and ingredients of the cosmetic industry – you are in the right place! Here is a list of 5 clean skin care brands with amazing results. They are non- toxic, non- carcinogenic and cruelty free and bring nature to you in a bottle!

5 Clean skin care brands that actually work and you probably need them right now!

1. Pai Skincare – your sensitive skin saviour in a bottle!

Pai Skincare Rosehip Oil

Pai Skincare was the first clean skin care brand that actually helped me calm down my sensitive skin and I love it!

They are a London based and female run business.

What sets Pai apart from other brands is that they are designed for sensitive skin! But not only sensitive skin but skin conditions like eczema, rosacea and urticaria.

Sarah – the founder of Pai – has battled with a sensitive skin – especially chronic urticaria – redness, swelling and itching. After a long battle with irritative sensitive skin Sarah launches Pai to bring promising results for sensitive and sensitised skin.

Pai uses calming and all natural ingredients like camellia oil, rosehip oil and chamomile. They use CO2 extraction technique which ensures that the active and calming ingredients remain in the product.

You can read Sarah’s story here and even learn about sensitive and sensitised skin. After reading this page I realised I actually have a sensitised skin not sensitive! Thank you Pai!

I highly recommend Pai Skincare especially for sensitive skin but they are an amazing addition to anyone’s skin care routine!

2. Tata Harper – next generation clean skin care!

Tata Harper luxury clean skin care
Credit: About Her

Have you ever wanted to submerge your face in botanical flowers and then glow like a fairy? Tata Harper is what you need then. Tata Harper is another female-run business from Vermount. What really sets this brand apart is the use of 100% natural, clean ingredients that give visible results just after one application. Around the offices there are the farms where Tata and her team grow one of the few most potent ingredients for her skincare like Alfalfa, Calendula and Meadowsweet!

Tata Harper promises to bring 100% natural and clean ingredients and they are very transparent about every single ingredients they use. Some of their products contain more than 70 natural ingredients. Her own laboratory works on creating formulas that enable for these natural goodies to enter and stay in your skin! You can check their glossary if you want to be amazed, yourself! Wow, what a vision and what an effort!

Regenerating cleanser in a green bottle by Tata Harper

I have used her Refreshing Cleanser and I could not be more in awe!

After just one use of the cleanser my freckled pigmented skin was glowing! I even received compliments that same evening!

I cannot stress how active these products are and if you ever need something that is going to be worth the money right away and give you results immediatelyTata Harper is the choice!

P.S. The green bottles give a really luxurious feeling and the products smell like a beautiful garden!

Photo taken from Sephora – Tata Harper.

3. Vintner’s Daughter – one serum can change the whole clean skin care world!

Vintner's Daughter amazing product

Another female run business- another superstar!

If you have ever scrolled through any big magazines like Vogue, ELLE, Bazaar and many more you must have stumbled into Vintner’s Daughter’s most popular product – Active Botanical Serum.

This one singular product is considered the celebrity secret for a glowing skin!

The amounts of awards and press attention this product has gotten is insane. I literally scrolled 30 mins down their press site at the official site and It was not over!

Vintner’s Daughter is a brand that has only two products. Yes, you read it right, two products and an uncountable number of awards!!

What sets this serum apart are two main things!

First, they use 22 of the most active and potent botanical ingredients! That have been used since ancient times. Like alfalfa, avocado, lemon peel and rosemary and many more.

Secondly, it takes 21 days to prepare one singular 30 mL bottle of serum! Just WOW! Their method is called Phyto Radiance Infusion and it aims at extracting only the most active and potent components of these botanicals.

The founder, April Garguilo, comes from a fine winemaking family background and she has carried its philosophy to Vintner’s Daughter as well. The principles, discipline and vision to make the finest products has really driven her to produce one of the finest skincare!

I am looking at awe, at this product and the amount of testimonials it has. The amount of hard work the production of just one bottle requires is just inspiring!

P.S. This product is really revolutionary and it goes as further as eliminating the need for a moisturiser!

4. Antipodes – unique ingredients + scientifically proven effect clean skin care

Antipodes cream

Plant powered super green beauty brand run by a female! Yay! Antipodes is really another garden in a bottle. But a more exotic one.

What sets this brand apart from the other ones is the uniqueness of their products! Antipodes is a New Zealand established brand so it uses some ingredients really unique to New Zealand and Australia.

Moreover, Antipodes aim at integrating newly scientific research into their products. Green ingredeints + science – sounds amazing and smells amazing!

One of their most popular products the Baptise H₂O Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel was a part of a clinical trial and this clean skincare increased 52% percent of hydration 24 hours after application!

One of the aims of the founder, Elizabeth Barbalich, is to be consistently scientifically validated and create amazing products. She comes from a science background and has worked with surgeons for years. No doubt she is in the quest for perfection!

Manuka Honey Flower

Some of the very unique ingredients used by Antipodes are like Manuka Honey, which is found only in New Zealand. Oh boy, this Manuka Honey really makes you glow like nothing.

It nourishes, hydrates and draws natural moisture into your skin. Almost all of their products contain Manuka Honey and I can totally understand why!

Another ingredients is the use of kiwiseed oil. New Zealand is rich in their kiwiseed which contain a high amount of Vitamin C and E and Omega 3.

Antipodes is truly a unique brand aiming at incorporating nature and science under one roof. Doubtlessly, they go hand in hand and this skin care brand exemplifies this beautifully!

5. Odacité – great facial oils!

Another female run business, another inspiring story. Wow, ahah I guess this is the theme of the blog for today!

Odacité, a playful word game of the word audacity, was founded by a Valerie Grandbury. She is a strong breast cancer survivor and through her battle with the most disastrous disease out there, she starts handcrafting her own natural and clean beauty products.

Soon this handcrafting of natural products, which was taking place in the kitchen, transfers into the lab and now we have Odacite. A brand with a vision to challenge the whole skincare industry.

The french founder, Valerie, still carries the handcrafting experience into her brand. In Odacité you can find rays of small bottles infused with the most potent natural plant oils. You can create your own combinations and buy serums packed with active ingredients just for your skin concern.

Acai and Rose oil

This very cute Acai + Rose Youthful Glow Serum, with more than 180 reviews and awards, is all natural. Just two ingredients, acai and rose oil, which target wrinkles and have potent anti-aging benefits.

This is just one of the many Odacité serums spot targeting your skin worries.

Luckily, Odacité does not limit itself with serums they have creams, masks, mists and toners which are really packed with nature, herself, and also backed by science.

Where to shop all natural, organic and clean skin care?

Now that we covered 5 brilliant clean beauty stories and I hope you are as inspired as I am, let’s get to where to get them.

If you are also a fan of clean beauty as much as I am and would like to explore many many more beautiful brands the destination is Content Beauty & Wellbeing.

Content is an inspiring place with an inspiring vision. The founders and the team are dedicated into delivering only the cleanest and most natural skincare and beauty to us!

They have a selection of many many brands and it is an amazing place to discover the next skincare hero! Need I even say it is Emma Watson’s favourite place to shop for skincare and beauty!

Thank you for reading this blog! Let me know if you have tried any of the brands mentioned and what are your thoughts!

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