Pai Skincare Review – is it the best for sensitive skin?

By Aysenur Yashar

Last Updated on January 18, 2023 by Aysenur Yashar

Imagine you are walking out from the most stressful 21 days of your life and your skin is literally a battlefield. You are breaking out but your skin is very dry, it is literally in flakes and red dots. Then you meet a product and after one application your skin is bright and calmed down. You already can guess that product is from Pai Skincare and it is their Gentle Cream Clenser – Middlemist Seven. So here is my Pai Skincare Review and my journey to clean skin care beginning with them!

Now let’s talk a little more about you.

Is your skin getting irritated easily, whatever you apply creates a sort of reaction, it is itchy and red and maybe swollen even? A medical student would diagnose you with a sensitive skin. So now what? Your options of skincare and make up are really limited, luckily you are not alone and there are brands designed for sensitive skin. You guessed right, Pai Skincare is one of them! Let’s break down the brand then!

If you do not have time, just read the quick summary below!

Quick summary – what sets Pai Skincare apart?

Pai is a brand designed for sensitive and sensitised skin types. This includes people with eczema, urticaria, dermatitis and many other skin conditions. They carefully pick their ingredients and formulate their own formulas in their own labs – Pai Labs. They are a brand which gives some many claims and promises and with every step they take they try to meet them. Their reviews are close to 5 star and they have won numerous awards on multiple products

They are an ethical clean skin care brand with the customer in the focus!

Now the details. Hooray

So what are the promises of Pai Skincare?

If you have been around for a while, you know that I cannot finish a blog without mentioning Pai Skincare at least once! I also really love clean skin care. Luckily, Pai is one the leading clean skincare brands (discover more on Pai and 4 other brilliant clean skincare brands, here!).

First of all, let me introduce Pai Skincare to you. Pai is a clean skincare brand, that is made out of all-natural and organic products. It is designed to soothe the most sensitive skin types and I am really referring to medical conditions like urticaria, rosacea, and eczema.

Pai has at least 5 certificates to ensure that the products you are using come from a natural source, they are cruelty-free, organic, vegan, and natural and the working environment is up to high standards. You can check their official site about those certificates here. Here are the certificates as well:

  • The Soil Association Organic
  • COSMOS Natural Certification
  • Cruelty Free
  • The Vegan Society
  • ISO 22716 Intertek

Why are certifications important? Because they reflect the values of the brand and the founder. It is important to opt for brands which have similar values as yours. It seems like the right thing to do!

Now let’s get into the details of our Pai Skincare Review.

Pai Skincare is designed for sensitive and sensitised skin!

I have to admit I did not know what is the difference between sensitive and sensitized skin until I read Pai’s website talking about the difference. So let me share what I have learned with you!

To break it down simply having a sensitive skin is a skin type and having a sensitised skin is a skin condition. So what does this mean? A skin condition is a transient situation and a skin type is how your skin usually is. Most of us, including myself, define any kind of irritation, dryness or dehydration as sensitive skin but sensitive skin actually are skin types that are prone to skin “diseases” like urticaria and eczema.

So what does this has to do with Pai Skincare. Pai is designed for both sensitive skin and sensitised skin. In order to understand this better we can look at the story of the founder Sarah.

Sarah reports that almost overnight she developed a severe urticaria. After trying countless numbers of hypoallergenic products and skincare for sensitive skin, she was left with an even more irritated skin. So she decided to create Pai for people like her.

I think this is a very classic but a very motivational story. It truly allows us to bond with Sarah and understand what Pai is about from the beginning. Pai is for sensitive and sensitised skin. Sure Pai is a brand with vision and morals, but let’s see the ingredients!

What are the ingredients that Pai Skincare uses!

Pai Skincare is a clean skincare brand, with the products being 100% organic. Look for the Soil Association Badge to be sure that what you are getting is 100% Organic.

At least 98% of the products are of natural origin and the ones from non-natural origin are strictly regulated and tested for their effects on sensitive skin.

Their ingredient choices are free of parabens, petrochemicals, detergants, alcohol and artifical fragrance. These components can be irritative to delicates skins. Better to be safe than sorry. Moreover the effects of these components on our general body and other organs is still not shown clearly. Pai, instead, uses mainly natural and botanically extracted ingredients and plant oils as their active ingredients.

One of them is Rosehip Seed Oil and Rosehip Fruit Extract Oil. Rosehip is an amazing active botanical plant oil that is a true multitasker and a super star. It contains high amounts of fatty acids making it very moisturising and hydrating. It also contains a significant amount of vitamin C and vitamin A meaning that with time, it will actually brighten up your skin! You can learn more about Rosehip Oil benefits on this link here! 🙂

Is Rosehip Oil suitable for sensitive skin? Yes, it is suitable for every skin type! Numerous reviews of Pai Skincare products containing Rosehip Oil show before and after pictures of people who have bought and tried these products. You can CLEARLY see a change in their appearance, reduction in redness, and generally a better glow! Check their reviews page for more!

Pai is really transparent and sustainable skincare!

Another great thing about Pai is how transparent they are! They are not afraid to share pictures from their laboratories and how they products are getting filled up. It is actually quite satisfying to look at the production.

You can also see how inclusive the brand is, Pai lists all of the members of their team here. Pai is also really transparent about their laboratories. Pai Labs, according to the video in the introduction, was launched 18 months ago. This means that Pai Skincare is actually a brand with their own laboratory and cosmeitc chemists working for the brand only. They do not use another cosmetic laboratory and cosmetic chemists to come up with their formulas!

This is a very important point. This means that Pai and the founder, Sarah, have control over all of the chains of producing their product. This really speaks credibility to me! They are a brand with promises and claims and every step they take really is about reinforcing those beliefs.

Another great addition to their Pai Labs is the option where you can recommend some things. This is really inclusive, as a customer I feel like my thoughts and experiences matter and the company is ready to take action toward them! Wow, I am impressed. You can read about Pai Labs here and recommend some things! 😉

Small Pai Skincare Review on their Double Cleansing Super Stars!

If you have been reading until here – thank you! I think Pai Products deserve their own blog post but here I will break down my experience with their double cleanse combination – The Middlemist Seven – Gentle Cream Cleanser & Light Work.

Gentle Cream Cleanser – Middlemist Seven

Ditch the Pai Product Review blog this product itself deserves a whole blog about it! Okey, okey I might be a little biased beacause this was the first clean skin care product I tried. I have loved the Gentle Cream Cleanser – Middlemist Seven ever since.

This gentle cleanser is really devoid of any harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin while washing. It has a milky texture and smells like Rose and Camellia, which are the two most active ingredients inside. I do not which ingredient does it, but just one wash is enough to brighten your skin. I am dead serious right now! After every wash, my skin feels so hydrated that I even consider ditching my moisturizer.

I really cannot stop praising this gentle wash but you have to be aware that if your skin is really not on the sensitive or sensitised spectrum, then you might need a more active cleanser. 🙂

I also have to add the little cloth it comes with. You can use one side to wash off your cream cleanser and the other side to exfoliate gently! It is really cute!

Do I recommend this product: YES

Light Work Cleansing Oil

We cannot mention the Middlemist Seven without its double cleanse partner in crime – the Light Work Cleansing Oil. You can use this blood-orange-colored oil before cleansing to melt down your make-up, environmental pollution, and other nasties that stick to your face during your busy days.

The active ingredient in this cleansing oil is Rosehip Oil, so there is a big hydration effect that this oil brings with it. After washing the Oil my skin truly feels more hydrated, it is softer and it is really glowing!

In terms of makeup melting performance – I use minimal makeup and it does a pretty good job of removing them. However, sometimes I have to rub harder to remove my mascara, so I would not recommend relying only on this Cleansing Oil if you are going to be using a waterproof or generally a harder-to-remove mascara.

Another downside I have noticed is that it is quite difficult to remove the Oil. I feel like I have to rinse it 4-5 times after applying there is always some orange hue on my drying towel. Personally this sometimes bothers me and it might not bother you, so just try the Cleansing Oil and let me know if it also happens to you!

Do I recommend this product: YES

If you have read so far, thank you for your attention and time. This was more of a blog about the brand Pai rather than their products but stay tuned for their Product Reviews! Meanwhile, if you are looking for a great addition to your skincare, you can learn why probiotics can be the answer.

Have you tried Pai Skincare? Let me know what you think about their products!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!