What is Academy Skincare about?

By Aysenur Yashar

Last Updated on January 3, 2023 by Aysenur Yashar

Let’s break the ice!

Hey there, before getting started I have a few questions just to make sure you are in the right place.

Has your skin also been super uncooperative lately, as if its doing everything to make your day even more difficult?

Or have you also been amazed by how reactive and completely random your skin can act sometimes – dryness, itchiness, breakouts?

Oh oh I have another one – have you also been lost in this whole skincare routine thing going on around?

Also are you skeptic about what you apply on your skin? Also also…okey.. let’s calm down, I have so many more questions, but if you have made it so far that means your skin is not your best friend. Sadly neither is mine 🙁 .So let’s get to know each other better.

P.S. It feels good to know your struggles are shared, right? 🙂

What you should expect from Academy Skincare

Let’s get to the point fast – aim of Academy Skincare

I am a medical student who is struggling with her skin so I wanted to share my story and what I have learnt here. It is all about documenting the journey of studying the skin and the products in clear and easy language and also being creative and connecting to people!

Okey let’s break it down some more:

Let’s get to the point fast, clear and concise. There are several broad topics that you should expect to find information about:

  1. Finding out about the properties of our skin
  2. Breaking down the ingredients in the cosmetic and beauty products (so they aren’t as scary as they sound like)
  3. Understanding what it means to have a “clean” skincare
  4. Some product judgements…. I meant, reviews, yes, totally.

Here is a short list of some questions I will be talking about:

  1. How to have a healthy skin with all this stress going on around you?
  2. How does your skin work? What is a healthy skin?
  3. Why is your skin so dramatic?
  4. How do the cosmetic and skincare products work – why do beauty oils make our skin soft, how does a moisturisers work?
  5. Why your moisturiser is not going to work at all?
  6. What is this clean skincare fuss going around all over the world, clean beauty?

If you are interested stay a little longer for the story time 🙂

Photo by James Cousins on Unsplash

Story Time – Why Academy Skincare even exists?

Chapter I – Medical School, Stress and Reactive Skin

Hey again, if you have made it so far let me explain the backstage and how Academy Skincare came to exists. Hi, I am Ayshenur, and I have the driest, most reactive and most random skin ever probably. I am also a medical student which makes me extremely curious about why my skin is misbehaving so badly. I also seem to be picking always the wrong skincare products and the ineffective ones. Hopefully, I am not alone in this, hahah.

Chapter II – Cycle of Skepticism about Skincare and How to Break out of it

So with my skin falling apart and being too sensitive because of medical school stress and inconsistency in my skincare routine I decided to take action and learn, like really learn, textbook studying type of learning, about the skin and the ingredients we put on it. In medical school we do cover lots of information about certain components and molecules penetrate the skin and act on it, but the cosmetic and skincare brands do not seem to address that too much.

Brands, not all of them, but majority, are not really tackling the issue of explaining what each component does to the skin and does not. They just brand it as organic and clean and say something like “avocado oil is great for your skin”. I cannot stop asking myself why is it so healthy?

With time my skin grew more reactive and more reactive and I grew more skeptical about skincare products. Even the cleanest and healthiest brands that I tried, promised us so many things but with no results, I, naturally, became more cynical.

I wanted to learn for myself why cosmetics and skincare brands like Tata Harper (more on her green empire later) worked or did not work. What was the golden ingredient that made your skin glow and what was that made it unhappy.

Chapter III – Action Time!

With the slightest hope that there might be other people who are going through the same struggles and skepticism I decided to create Academy Skincare for people like you and me and document what I am learning about our skin!

Academy Skincare is a journey where we will try to understand what is actually happening with our skin and what it means to have a healthy skin and skincare routine. I will go to the basics, truly to the basics, to the cells and layers and even molecules. I will be documenting the learning process

Here you will be able to read about the biology and chemistry of your skin with credible information gathered from medical textbooks (here is where school of medicine library comes handy), papers from accredited scientist and dermatologist and plenty of research written in easy, simple language. Everything is easier with clear communication, right?

Chapter IV – Learn through Sharing!

I, myself, do not know what I will be learning but I would to love to share it with you! Grab a cup of coffee and read along, I hope you find something useful and interesting and have fun!

If you need me, I am only an email away from you!